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On disc: Sick Distortion

- Marta - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(self-released - 2007)

The Serbian band Sick Distortion was founded in summer 2004 by guitarists Marko Duca and Mladen and bassist Milan - at that time they still were Distortion. At that time their singer was Bojan and they were more based in the hard rock and heavy metal genre. When Bojan left the band Marko Duca took over the microphone and their sound changed to a more aggressive and more powerful sound. Vlada joined them on drums in 2005 and they are still around with this line-up.
The Suffering is the opening track and starts with some melancholy guitar melody, but when the band joins in they change to some kind of power metal with thrashy riffs. The phrasing of singer Marko Duca reminds me a bit of Nevermore's Warrel Dane, but his voice is deeper and more raspy. And sometimes he adds some growls, but not too often. In the mid-part they speed up for a moment, but at the end they return for a brief moment to the opening theme. The song has a catchy refrain and harmonies. With Oprostaj they show themselves a bit more melodic and partly also faster. No idea what Oprostaj is about as the lyrics are in Serbian. On Kataklizma the guitarists show their skills on this heavy mid-tempo rocker. Here some progressive beats are woven into the riff-based track. Vocally Marko Duca shows a bit different side... A deeper voice and some mean growls are next to some clean vocal parts. This guy shows a larger variety of styles. Makes it more interesting. And as if they want to close the circle the song fades out with some acoustic guitar.
As most young bands they recorded in a home studio and so the sound quality can't compete with a professional studio recording, but the sound is quite okay. And it's about the songs, right? I hope that they get the chance to record more songs and under better conditions, coz they don't have to stand in the shadow of international acts. Sure, there are things to improve, but that can be said about almost every early recording of any band!
As usual the rating for a demo more focussed on the songs and the performance then on the sound quality. And as here no producer put his hands on, the rating is a bit higher as for a professional recording!

Download the demo here!
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8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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