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On disc: Shy

Shy - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars


(Escape Music - 2011)

After being a very big name in the 80's it has gone a little downhill for the English band Shy. But guitarist Steve Harris has not given up the future of the band, and after a break they have decided to make a comeback to the music business, simply by releasing this new album, a CD called Shy. Maybe to kick start their career again with their 13th album. It has turned out successfully, the album is full of AOR rock combined with hard rock, but their style is stuck in the sound of the 80's, but that is okay because there are of course a place for this kind of music today, no problems there. The songs could do with a little more character from time to time, but generally they rock like in the old days. So Many Tears rolls on with a good tempo melodic and marks their image as super quality rock stars. Only For The Night and also Breathe are on the soft pop side, and the harder stuff comes from Ran Out Of Time and Sanctuary. Only song they could have left out is Over You where they comes dangerously close to copy the content of the pop hit Turn Back Time which Cher had great success with. But apart from that I think it is a good and decent album they have launched here.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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