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On disc: Shraphead

Blind & Seduced - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Blind And Seduced

Blind & Seduced
(Metalville Records - 2011)

Well, what can we say. Very mixed emotions show themselves on this debut album from Norwegian band Shraphead. They have been here since 2004, and have earlier recorded two small demos that got positive feedback, but it seems like they have been desperate to really hit the road with a full-length album that is finally coming now. They mix trash with grunge and traditional rock in a heavy kettle that is almost boiling over by their enthusiasm. Also a video has been made of the song Merry Go Round, a song that could be inspired by Nirvana to determine their style; fast experimental guitar-based grunge rock'n'roll.

Like other magazines I also think that the two songs that holds the album above the waterline is Stolen Trust where the trash is more metal-like in a massive fantastic splash of energy with all their talent spotted on the target. The Hundred have this initial traditional aggressive rock sound with good creative guitar elements. But also the last song, Ageless, is a fresh speedy trash story where they put a solid amount of energy that undoubtly will make an impression on the listeners.

The problem with Shraphead is, that the rest of the songs tend to be slightly boring as though their talent doesn't have an adequate level after all, like they felt forced to release an album without really being ready for it, almost as a garage band who suddenly got ambitious in their hunger to impress the world. Another problem is the vocalist Jo Johnsruf, who is not sharp enough, he is not in a position where he can make a difference to win the fans over. So it's only going 6 from me on this album. Better luck next time.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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