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On disc: She Wants Revenge

Valleyheart - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Five Seven Music - 2011)

She Wants Revenge started as a duo in 2005 in California. Now the dynamic duo is presenting their make-it-or-break-it album Valleyheart. Meanwhile the duo became a quartet, but as I don't know their previous work I can't tell if or how much it effected their sound.

They kick off with Take The World, a kind of synthie pop tune mixed with some alternative rock guitars. But you can check out the song by watching the official video.

With Kiss Me they offer a cheesy synthie pop tune. The passages where they use a more minimalistic sound shows that this tune could be a great ballad... A bit more rock is Up In Flames, a tune which has a Bowie-sque touch. With Must Be The One another tune with kitschy lyrics follows, but somehow it doesn't matter here. This time the song shows similarities to U2... And it gets be a bit repetitive towards the end.
Not much changes with Not Just A Girl, just I'm growing tired of the lyrics. A song I find more interesting is Reasons. Even if the 'hey, hey' annoys me. The song is a bit rawer and has an 80's vibe. Suck It Up could have been a sexy one, lyrically it is, but musically it's shallow... Holiday Song is more a filler for me, as soon as it's over I forgot about it. Maybe She's Right is the last new track, partly a dash of Depeche Mode shines through. Last, but not least an alternative version of Must Be The One, a radio mix. To be honest I don't hear much differences....

Okay, I recommend to check out the video yourself, coz it seems that I wasn't the right person to review this album. I like Justin Warfield's vocals and the passages where they go back to the basics, where they are almost going acoustic, but I can't get into the synthie-laden sound.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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