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On disc: Shenaniganz

Open Your Eyes Or Cover Your Head - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Open Your Eyes Or Cover Your Head

Open Your Eyes Or Cover Your Head
(Silverwolf Prod. - 2009)

I think that music fans who aren't into Green Day might have a problem to remember the bands name... Shenaniganz are from Southern Germany and started as a high-school band. Musically the foursome combines 70's rock la Led Zeppelin with punk rock and a dash of hard rock. The opener Roses Are Red is quite catchy and a kind of punky pub rocker. This type of pub rock is meant to be played live... At The Cost Of Rock the riffing is reminding me of AC/DC... At We Are The Underground they add harmonica in the beginning and seem to take a more bluesy way, but then they get heavier... more metal. And add a dash of aggression - before they present another passage of blues rock. Actually I thought that Change is the track which is most annoying - at least annoying me -, but then they present Bavaria, a punky rock tune with elements of Bavarian folk music incl. typical Bavarian brass. Not my cup of tea! With Way To Go they can convince me. This up-tempo rocker has a positive vibe and partly reminds me a bit of Tesla...
Well, the album sounds fresh, they know how to rock. And I have no doubts that live they rock the house, but if there really is a need for one more pub rock album, I don't know. Everybody who enjoys AC/DC, Airborne or similar bands, should check Shenaniganz out! I recommend: Way To Go, Roses Are Red and We Are The Underground.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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