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On disc: Shaped By Fate

I Fear The World Has Changed - Lars Bjørn - 2 stars

I Fear The World Has Changed

I Fear The World Has Changed
(Siege Of Amida Records - 2012)

From the South of Wales comes the band Shaped By Fate. The second album from their hands has the title I Fear The World Has Changed, and if the world should follow the thoughts of this band the poor world would not just change but quickly go to pieces. Their music is a mix of hardcore metal and punk, the endless painful growling and strange vocals must take the price as most weird album of the year. Guitars with no control, and weak songs where the musical content could easily be overlooked. Sorry to say this, but in my view there is only one song, Death Junction, that is not embarrassing the quality of the album. Try to make a better album next time, because this is not good enough in any way.

2 stars

Lars Bjørn


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