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On disc: ShamRain

- Goodbye To All That - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Goodbye To All That

Goodbye To All That
(Spikefarm - 2007)

The Finnish band ShamRain is around for 7 years and is now presenting their 3rd album which is titled Goodby To All That. Like so many Finnish bands ShamRain present atmospherical rock with a lot melancholy. The voice might sound familiar, coz singer Mika Tauriainen is also the singer of Entwine. But ShamRain has a different sound.
Holding The Earth is the opening track which is a slightly melancholy atmospheric tune - with some Brit-rock elements. Sweet keyboard melodies stand against the depressive tone in Mika Tauriainen's voice. But somehow it's not touching me... like elevator music. The songs are well played, have catchy hooks, but when its over I don't remember anything... On Ghosts I See Tauriainen get joined by Minna Sivonen who adds some ethereal vocals... This songs sticks out, but the following Passing Shadows is a stronger song, even if the songs are too similar in my opinion. With Stars Will Fall they slow down with some semi-acoustic song... something for a campfire, but later on they leave the acoustic stuff behind and add some power.
The album give me mixed feelings.. I like the voice of Mika Tauriainen, but this time he can't give me shivers - like on some tracks of Entwine. The songs are good for letting your dreams... thoughts carrying you away. For me this is background music... elevator music... something which is nice, but which you soon have forgotten. Sorry guys, but for me this album lacks something... Catchiness... touching melodies... variety.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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