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On disc: Shadows In The Crypt

Cryptic Communications - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Cryptic Communications

Cryptic Communications
(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions - 2012)

Since their start in 2009 Shadows In The Crypt have been very productive, 3 demos and now their second full-length album to please fans of deep and quality black metal that kicks ass. Some harsh titles should not scare people away, just look at the band, that is enough to scare people if that was the case. Embracing The Forbidden Arts has a smiting drive in the rhythm that convinces of their class and style, splendid way to make their point. Hymnal Choirs Perishing is filled with elegant black metal that goes right to the hearts of black metal fans in general and really rams in the stick from Shadows In The Crypt to tell they have arrived at the scene. If you like ultimate pressure in black metal you should be glad about the song The Baphomental Affliction where the Americans take their fans into a trance with their music. Revolutionary Genocidal Madness is at the first listen a rather standard black metal track, but if you focus on the rhythm and personality of the song it will also convince you of Shadows In The Crypt as a band who goes a little deeper in the black metal universe than other bands do.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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