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On disc: Shadow King

Shadow King - Claudia Ehrhardt - 10 stars

Shadow King

Shadow King
(Atlantic Records - 1991)

I always loved Foreigner and when Lou Gramm left the band I hoped for something new from him. It didn't take long and the word spread about Shadow King, a band Gramm founded with guitarist Vivian Campbell and bassist Bruce Turgon. No surprise that Atlantic Records offered them a deal and so it didn't take long and this self-titled CD got into the stores.
They had me with the first song - What Would It Take. An emotional rocker with a great hook line, but it's also Viv Campbell's guitar which hooks you up! A real rocker, heavier then Foreigner been lately and if that's the way Lou Gramm wanted to take, it's no surprise he left Foreigner. The riff-based Anytime, Anywhere is even heavier and just rocks! Then it's time to easy up a bit and Once Upon A Time presents a different side of Shadow King, still rocking, but also with balladesque parts. An ear catcher. A bit bluesy is Don't Even Know I'm Alive, the song has a sad undertone and is probably what many expect from Lou Gramm... A powerful balladesque one. Very emotional and touching. Another highlight off Shadow King. The up-beat rocker Boy is pure and simple rock, but that's cool. A bit more Foreigner-like is I Want You, even if the riffing is more metal then we know Foreigner these days. But Campbell isn't just adding heavy riffs, he also adds some emotional leads. One of my faves is This Heart Of Stone, another touching tune, but no ballad! It's a real rocker, but a passionate one! The song is like a roller coaster ride, with heavy, rocking parts and balladesque passages. A danceable rocker is Danger In The Dance Of Love, this one you'll hear in rock discos soon!
After the emotional rocker No Man's Land it's time for a real ballad - the closer Russia. An acoustic tune is Russia, fully focused on Lou Gramm's voice who sounds fragile... hurt, but there is a spark of hope. Enchanting!
A must-have for fans of Lou Gramm and anybody who loves hard rock or some heavy AOR tunes! An amazing piece of music! And highly addictive!

10 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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