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On disc: Shadow Keep

- 6-Track Mini-album - Amir Djawadi - 6 stars
- Corruption Within - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Corruption Within

Corruption Within
(InsideOut Music - 2000)

InsideOut Music as well as LMP become known in the prog metal scene for releasing very good prog metal albums and supporting young bands. Now they discovered the British quintet Shadow Keep. The Belgian singer Rogue M. sounds a little bit like Geoff Tate and also their music sometimes reminds me of Seattle's finest. The opening track Dark Tower represents the band very well. The band of Nicki Robson and Chris Allen offers powerful melodic prog metal, not just influenced by Queensrÿche. They are also influenced by Crimson Glory, Vicious Rumors and Watchtower, but they are no copycats! The debut shows the high technical level of the members and at the same time their songs are catchy. Part of this result is producer / engineer Karl Groom who's known for his work with his band Threshold. Groom produced the first demo CD of Shadow Keep as well.
If the band will get the chance, there will be a bright future. They do have the talent and with this album the best basic to start.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


6 Track Mini-Album

6 Track Mini-Album
(Psychofrantic Music Management - 1999)

Everybody who knows Karl Groom please give a hand signal!!! Sure, you know! He's the guitarist in the British prog band Threshold. And Mr. Groom was the one who did production of this 6 track mini-album.
Shadow Keep are from Great Britain and if they get support they soon will catch the attention of the metal fans. This mini-album shows the best of the British. Russell King gives the band the basic sound with his drumming. Chris Allen and Nicki Robson are on the six strings and are responsible for the great riffing and filigree solos. James Daley is the bassist of Shadow Keep and adds the groove to the sound of the British. And last, but not least singer Rogue M. on the microphone. This man is great! He sings very emotional and I can't wait to see the quintet live! Such a melodic and powerful metal will bring joy to the metal fan. Influences are bands like Fates Warning and Crimson Glory, but they add a lot of their own identity which makes it even more interesting. So, it's a pleasure to listen to this CD and so I dare to prophecy a bride future for them. More information you'll find at their homepage:
It's worth to check them out and it's a positive surprise!

6 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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