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On disc: Seven Thorns

Return To The Past - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Return To The Past

Return To The Past
(Nightmare Records - 2011)

Seven Thorns is a power metal band from Denmark which was founded back in 1998, but it took time to find a stable line-up and to overcome some difficulties. Return To The Past is their second album and they kick off with Liberty, a song which partly reminds me of Gamma Ray / old Helloween... The songs are mainly up-tempo and based on fast double-bass drumming and heavy guitar riffs, but they also add some mid-paced passages. Songs like End Of The Road are spiced up with some neo-classical solos and others offer some shredding. Singer Erik Blomkvist's dark voice is the icing on the cake. The band doesn't offer a power ballad or any slow tune, so it's all up-tempo which will please some fans. But personally I miss variety.
Actually I miss some mid-paced songs or something which makes the songs differ more. The songs are all quite good, but too much alike - at least for me. Partly it's the fast double-bass drumming which makes the song sounding so much alike. And every now and then it reminds me of old Helloween.... Btw, Tommy Hansen produced the album. So production-wise there is nothing to complain. And fans of up-tempo power metal should dig Return To The Past.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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