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On disc: Seven Kingdoms

The Fire Is Mine - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

The Fire Is Mine

The Fire Is Mine
(Nightmare Records - 2012)

Sabrina Valentine makes a fantastic footprint on the music Seven Kingdoms brings on their third album The Fire Is Mine. A vocal capacity that makes a difference, strong voice and timing sets the album alight. Seven Kingdoms makes both heavy metal and raw power metal, but it is a good combination to get some good mixed metal, and even symphonic metal finds a place on their new album. After The Fall is the opening song with a monster hard drumming that gives the melodic power metal much more life and strength. Flame Of Olympus is power metal that makes other songs melt in comparison, this is really sublime the way they have bolted this song in a frame to hold power and energy in a controlled unit. Symphony Of Stars indicates that the symphonic metal gets their representation, and it's with a tight metal monster where the vocals from Sabrina Valentine are unique and clear. So 11 songs that leaves a good impression, and the top songs are fresh and should earn a good success for Seven Kingdoms.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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