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On disc: SevenGates

The Good And The Evil - Lars Björn - 6 stars

The Good And The Evil

The Good And The Evil
(Icewarrior Records - 2009)

SevenGates from Italy now releases their second full-length CD after Unreality from 2002. The band is: Federico Puleri (vocals), Tommy Vitali (guitars), Marco Moroni (guitars), Fabrizio Marnik (keyboards), Simone Vermigli (bass) and Lorenzo Innocenti (drums).
On The Good And The Evil they play a super powerful rhythm, making their own sound, but there are clear inspiration from bands like Helloween and Gamma Ray.
10 songs with a great mix of guitars and keyboards. The vocals are not the main aspect, the songs have a more instrumental character. The songs goes from one rhythm to another, very close to be confusing, BUT they control it very good, and thanks to their enthusiasm and skills they get a good decent album to hit the streets. Guitarist Tommy Vitali is the driving force of SevenGates, but the other band members also contribute to the song writing. What they lack in consistency is greatly compensated by Federico Puleri's superb voice and especially Vitali's guitar skills. None of the songs stands out in particular, but I am very fond of Cry Of Efestus and Ride The Wild.
The music is a passionate hobby to the members of SevenGates, not their job , but anyhow they have a splendid place in the metal world. The Good And The Evil CD is one of those which gets better and better the more times you listen to it.

6 stars

Lars Björn


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