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On disc: Seven

Lost Hero (EP) - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Lost Hero (EP)

Lost Hero (EP)
(self-released - 2009)

The Czech band Seven was founded in ČeskÚ Budčjovice in 2000, the same year they released their debut Crying World. By now they have 4 full-length albums and a best-of released. Now they have an EP called Lost Hero which is self-released and is distributed as a part of Spark Magazine (04/2009).
The EP kicks off with a rare version of Lost Hero, a powerful rocker. As far as I know the song will be on their upcoming album, but this is a different version... The foursome offer a heavy riffs spiced up with a dash trash. Jiři Komberec adds some catchy vocal lines and his dark timbre fits well to the heavy tunes. Midnight Circus is another fast one. Somehow the Seven songs sound familiar, but I can't fathom it... The closer is called Web Of Obsessions and they slow down for this one, a balladesque track... A bit melancholy. Even if Jiři Komberec has a darker voice as Axl Rose, here he reminds me a bit of the G'n'R frontman...
Additionally you get a video clip they did for Lost Hero which shows the band on and off stage. The EP is a good way to check out the band and an appetizer for the upcoming album!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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