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On disc: Serpent's Tongue

- Into The Burning Deep - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Into The Burning Deep

Into The Burning Deep
(self-released - 2008)

The German outfit started back in 2004 and they are from Saxony. This is their first demo which is available on their website - free download!
The German quintet opens up with At The Lake Of Grief which starts heavy and with melody, but with the vocals it gets more aggressive. A mid-paced tune with great guitar work, when the growls set in they speed up a little and the melody get kinda lost, but returned at the instrumental parts. It's mainly the vocals which makes this one fit the description melodic death metal. While Abandoned From Perception is more a thrash'n'death tune. Sharp riffs, a heavy beat and aggressive vocals. There are reminiscences to old school thrash metal, but they vary speed and also have elements of doom death... At Asleep On The Fields Of The Impaled you some clean vocals in the beginning - and due to the melodic guitar play this one is tending towards power metal, but then the growls are back. A pity. I think the vocals are limiting them. The last track is called Vast Wings Of Hatred. Another riff-based thrash'n'death track, but due to the riffing I miss a bit the melody line the other tracks have - even if there is a melodic lead guitar part.
The guys vary and so keep it interesting. The guitar work is quite good, but the vocals are a bit too one-dimensional for me - most of the time. But a more then decent demo, especially for a debut!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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