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On disc: Serpentine

A Touch Of Heaven - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

A Touch Of Heaven

A Touch Of Heaven
(AOR Heaven - 2010)

Serpentine was founded by keyboarder Gareth David Noon, guitarist Christopher Gould and bassist Gareth van Stone. First they worked with American singer Greg Flores (Kamera), but due to the distance it soon became obvious that a fruitful work wouldn't be easy. So they decided to look for someone living closer to them and hooked up with Shy / TNT singer Tony Mills. The line-up was completed later on.
Slowly they kick off with keyboard, then the others join in and so Serpentine open up with the title track. A Touch Of Heaven becomes a melodic rocker with Tony Mills expressive vocals. Lonely Nights has an 80's vibe... Unfortunately the promotion copy has 'secret fade outs' - can't blame the band for this or the label for trying to fight illegal downloads -, but as it most songs have it and the fade outs are coming app. every minute, it's irritating and interrupts the line of thought... It's quite annoying. So forgive me, when I don't go into detail. The ballad For The Love It All shows that the guys know how to write songs and it's also well performed, but this ballad lacks the certain something... Check out songs like We Belong, Whatever Heartache and In My Blood to get an idea about Serpentine.
The closer is a cover of Tony Braxton's Unbreak My Heart, a song which is extremely intense in the original version. Serpentine's version is a nice one, but it don't give you goose bumps. I miss the big emotions, the intensity...
Fans of Tony Mills, bands like Journey as well as fans of melodic rock in general should check out this album!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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