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On disc: Sepultura

A-Lex - Thomas Gr÷blinghoff - 8 stars


(Steamhammer - 2009)

Finally Andreas Kisser and his mates delivered a new album - and it's not a bad one! Great thrash metal from Brazil! So far it's the best album with shouter Derrick Leon Greed who is doing a fantastic job and gives the songs heaviness and aggression. The album offers a variety of songs incl. the instrumental interludes A-Lex I-IV and the cool track Ludwig Van. Many good songs, but I miss a real hit... Perhaps next time.... A-Lex is at least a good basic to start from next time. The new album isn't as good as Arise or Roots, but these are masterpieces, so they probably won't top them... Guys, you are doing good, even without the Cavalera brothers! Keep up doing good songs, you are on the right track! You passed the test!

8 stars

Thomas Gr÷blinghoff
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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