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On disc: Secrets Of The Moon

Privilegivm - Thomas Gr÷blinghoff - 7 stars


(Prophecy Productions - 2009)

What a surprise! The guys of Secrets Of The Moon present a very strong album. For a long time the Germans were an insider's tip of black and dark metal fans - and now they show us why they get this status. They offer some very dark, but also very symphonic and melodic songs and I see the band more as a part of the dark metal scene. But make up your mind. Anyway, this album could become album of the year in the black / dark metal genre. Unfortunately the songs don't stay at that high level and so towards the end it becomes a bit boring - and I think they could have keep the high level... A little bit of a downer.
Resume: A strong album with some really strong and orchestral dark metal tunes. Six of the 9 tracks can fully convincing, the others aren't that strong, but Privilegivm is still a very good one! Enjoy listening!

7 stars

Thomas Gr÷blinghoff
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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