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On disc: Sebastien

Tears Of White Roses - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Tears Of White Roses

Tears Of White Roses
(Escape Music - 2010)

To be honest when I read the band name and the song titles, I thought it's a French band, but I was wrong. Sebastien is a Czech band which arose from the ashes of Navar which was the successor of Calypso. Sebastien is offering a dozen melodic power metal songs and if you take a look at the list of guests, you get an idea that they offer songs on a high quality level. Btw, the album was recorded in Roland Grapow's studio. Grapow also sings on 2 tracks and plays the solo at Voices In Your Heart.
The opening track Museé du Satan Rouge has an intro part, then they head into the up-tempo track with a symphonic edge. I think fans of Kamelot and Serenity will like this one. Singer George Rain has a powerful voice and adjust to the what the song demands. Guitarist and singer George Rain and guitarist Andy Mons are the ones who write the songs and it's obvious they know how to compose a good tune. At Femme Fatale Mr. Rain is joined by Amanda Somerville who is joining in for the chorus of this symphonic power metal tune. But also adds some lead vocals. At Dorian the band switches between heavy parts with double-bass drumming and symphonic, keyboard-laden passages. And another guest joins in to share vocal duties with George Rain, this time it's Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire, Vision Divine) and Roland Grapow. At the title track Mike DiMeo joins in, a catchy refrain makes it easy to get into this symphonic track which offers some aggressive vocal parts as well as progressive elements. A balladesque opening leads you into the melodic Fields Of Chlum (1866 A.D.) where Fabio Lione is back. Great guitar play. At the end a short spoken word passage in Czech - at least I think it's Czech... An enchanting tune, but not overly catchy, so give it a few spins! They speed up for Lake Of Dreams, one of the songs the band hasn't invited any guests for and it shows that they don't need any support by renown artists to shine. At Black Rose - Part I Doogie White is ennobling the song with is voice, a symphonic balladesque tune which leads over into Part 2. At the closer Amanda Somerville joins in again.
To get attention in a crowded market it's good to have some guest performances and I think they will get some attention... Tears Of White Roses is offering all fans of symphonic / melodic power metal are looking for. This album was really a nice surprise, so check out Sebastien at their MySpace - and buy their album!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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