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On disc: Screaming Shadows

Night Keeper - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Night Keeper

Night Keeper
(Jolly Roger Records - 2011)

In 3 years it has been 3 records for the Italian metal heads from Sardinia. Furthermore they have a brand new and interesting homepage, so it's really refreshed what they do on the activity level. Well, it's their new record we are talking about now, but I was screamingly confirmed that the substance is thinning out as you go along with the new album, one YouTube upload of the best song of them all: Free Again, a song where they get the most out of their efforts.

This album has a good deal of inspiration from Iron Maiden, but there is a long way from point A to B. Sorry to say this, but it's all about how well you remember and recognize the songs afterwards, that is the parameter of how successful you are, and in the case of Screaming Shadows there is only the song Free Again that is able to climb over the wall. The rest stays behind in the screaming oblivion. Anyway the album is getting 7/10 because they are good musicians, their ideas are great, and with a bit more polishing they could do a lot better.

Holy Knights start the Maiden melody line of the adventure, a OK song in any case. On the song Midnight there are hidden signs that this band is from the South of Europe, it's rocking all right but you can feel the presence of Italian red wine in your body slightly poured by Screaming Shadows. Who Dares Wins gets you back on the chair with nail strong metal where the creativity lines up heavily. The title track is Night Keeper, and this is strong and solid and ready to set in when invited. Free Again is without doubt the best song on the album. They hit the right heavy buttons where the Italian lava flows undisturbed. The next song, Lord Of The Sea, is in fact almost as good as Free Again, it's Maiden inspired power metal that could be the next subject for a good music video for them. Very good song. But to say it again, if they tighten their music and make it more pure metal the success will be almost guaranteed.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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