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On disc: Schwarzer Engel

Schwarze Sonne (EP) - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Schwarze Sonne EP

Schwarze Sonne (EP)
(Massacre Records - 2013)

German gothic metal outfit Schwarzer Engel signed a contract with Massacre Records and with Schwarze Sonne they present an appetizer for their upcoming full-length album.

Schwarze Sonne is a dark, gothic tune which features E Nomine's Johanna von Orleans, additionally you get a piano version and an instrumental piano version. To get an idea about the symphonic gothic tune check out the video:

Mastermind Dave Jason is playing all instruments and only for live shows he has a band. His timbre reminds me of Unheilig frontman Graf.... The piano version of Schwarze Sonne with Oomph's El Friede is stronger in my opinion. The stripped down version is more emotional and touching. To add an instrumental version isn't a good move in my opinion, coz it doesn't vary from the piano version - just without vocals.

Der Fährmann is a dark tune where Dave Jason partly uses a narrative style to tell the story, but to me the narrative style makes it a bit boring...

I would have preferred to get one more track instead of the instrumental version... To have a 3rd version would be okay, if it's a totally different approach on the song.

Die-hard fans will get a copy of this EP anyway, but if it's worth spending money on it, everybody has to decide on itself.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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