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On disc: Klaus Schubert

Desperados On The Run - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars

Desperados On The Run

Desperados On The Run
(Pure Rock Records - 2012)

Klaus Schubert is known as a marvelous guitarist from bands like No Bros, Titty Twister Band and Rock Bunnies. With a lot of guest musicians Schubert releases 17 songs from his career, mostly instrumental ones where he gives samples of his guitar skills. All that is fine, but it's not really catching the listeners as a unique album, but more as material Schubert felt the urge to release. Hard and symphonic rock with mainly guitars and keyboards does not convince rock music lovers of the consistency of his music, more like one big rehearsal session from where I see it. But fans of Klaus Schubert could find amusement in this album, so some value does it have after all.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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