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On disc: Michael Schenker

- Thank You 3 - Amir Djawadi - 5 stars
- Forever And More - Amir Djawadi - 7 stars

Forever And More

Forever And More - The Best Of Michael Schenker
(Steamhammer - 2003)

Whenever a Best Of album is released, it seems that Christmas is coming. This time a Best Of is released in September and it's Germany's guitarist extra-ordinary Michael Schenker who offers this one. To talk about the success of Michael Schenker in detail would fill pages. A detailed biography can document this career better then I can do here.
On this DCD you can find a collection of his best songs of his past, from his days with the Scorpions, U.F.O. and MSG. All the songs which made him known around the world. A collection of metal / rock history for a fair price. Including live versions of Armed And Ready, Lights Out, Into The Arena, Another Piece Of Meat as well as the legendary Doctor Doctor and the brilliant Captain Nemo - all in a superb sound. At all 24 tracks! A good chance for fans of Michael Schenker to complete their collection.

7 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


Thank You 3

Thank You 3
(Mascot Records - 2002)

This man is a living legend! So it ain't necessary to introduce him and that Michael Schenker is a guitarist with a God-given talent he showed on several CDs and many tours.
When is a musician the most vulnerable? When he's doing acoustic! No big, fat amplifiers and no effects, just the man and his instrument. Best when these components are in total harmony.
Doing this kind of thing is a sign of courage or insanity! In the case of Michael Schenker it's the conviction of master it. The fan as well as the layman is overwhelmed and can just listen to the latest product of Mr. Schenker who simply called this acoustic opus Thank You 3!
At first look it may look as simple music he presents, but for skilled listeners it's obvious that a master of 6 strings present his skills. The album offers 11 harmonic songs written and played by the man who shared the stage and the studio with the biggest names. This time on his own and still in a wholeness. Multilateral and frisky... Just great!

5 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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