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On disc: Schattenspieler

Babel - Gisela Schmitz - 6 stars


(Dr. Music - 2009)

Schattenspieler describe their sound as dark rock, but I would describe the songs on Babel as a dark, melodic heavy metal. The band has already 2 self-released album under their belt which received good reviews. Right from the start it's obvious that the 8 tracks won't bore you, coz they really offer variety. But they lack good guitar solos and the riffing is quite run of the mill.... Anyway, Schattenspieler try to show that they have found their own sound - but they haven't managed to complete the task. Strong melodies and well-structured songs are positive assets and so some parts are really hook you up. Resume: Schattenspieler have some good ideas, but other parts are drift into irrelevance. Perhaps they are searching too hard for the perfect sound and give the emotions more space... That might get them closer to create something more personal. At the moment the songs can't show the craftsmanship of the musicians, but with more experience they should manage. Babel is a decent album and fans of dark melodic metal should check it out. I think, with their next album they will manage way better.

6 stars

Gisela Schmitz
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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