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On disc: Scelerata

- Darkness And Light - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Darkness And Light

Darkness And Light
(MTM Music - 2007)

Another band from Brazil and they can be compared with Angra or Edguy... But the band from Puerto Alegre is darker and heavier. In 2002 Scelerata started and right from the start they played their own songs. They even recorded a video for Eminence! And they played live a lot, soon they had build a fan base and later got the chance to record this album with producer Thiago Bianchi (Karma). Later the album got mastered by Pink Cream 69 bassist Dennis Ward.
Musically the five are influenced by bands like Iron Maiden, Helloween (Kiske era) and even Dream Theater. The intro Land Of The Sins starts slowly off, then it seems like things get mixed up. A moment later the fast, heavy Holy Fire shows the way they choose. Beside progressive elements, fast double bass drumming and twin guitar licks you hear singer Carl Casagrande who reminds a bit of Michael Kiske, but also has a bit of André Matos... Next comes Eminence, the song they shot a video for and which got them a step closer to recording their debut album. Still very fast, but with reminiscences to neo-classical metal and with a touch symphonic metal. But the over all feeling of the song is somehow threatening... Even if their is a spark of hope. A highlight is the title track which is enchanting. Starting slowly and the vocals are almost whispered in the beginning. Then Casagrande is back to his typical vocal style, but switches back and forth. Dark, progressive, heavy - that's what this song is. The melodic vocals take off a bit of the heaviness. Well done! But they can be even heavier! With a different singer a song like Spirits Looking For... would fit to a band like Into Eternity... Okay, the Canadians have even more complex arrangements. But Carl Casagrande makes this one almost catchy.
For The Spell Of Time Edu Falaschi (Angra, ex-Symbols) joined them. Here they slow down and present a heavy rock based on guitar riffing and a great vocal line. They are way heavier then Helloween at Keepers...-times, there is a similarity. But some progressive parts make you forget this soon. As a kind of bonus you get the video clip of Eminence and a 'making of'. A nice idea which shows a little more about them.
Fans of the before mentioned bands should check them out, but also everybody who likes progressive power metal and great melodies should give them a try.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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