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On disc: Saving Grace

- Behind Enemy Lines - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines
(Harvest Earth Rec. - 2008)

If you think the All Blacks are the only force coming from the Southern hemisphere, then Saving Grace will proof you wrong! The quartet from Gisborne is out to conquer the world with their Christcore! But even as the debut album is called Behind Enemy Lines, they aren't on the warpath!
The intro Behind Enemy Lines leads you into this album, slowly first, but then with heavy riffs they force ahead. For So Long shows them brutal and uncompromising. The crisp production of Zorran Mendonsa and the mastering of Colin Davis makes the songs even more powerful. And the passion which is driving them and so you get spirit-filled vocals - screams, growls and spoken words - from frontman Nick 'xNikx' Tautuhi who stands his ground for his belief. Listen to The Most Beautiful Promise and you'll get an idea about Saving Grace! They are a hardcore band, but they like to surprise the listener with twists and turns. Guitarist Vasely 'xPigx' Sapunov delivers fierce riffs precisely. At the interlude The Eye Of The Storm they show a different side. A beautiful piece which gives the listener a short break. After the instrumental they return full force with Even As I Bleed. The Kiwis offer hardcore with originality, passion and spirit. And so songs like In Your Own Hands will win you over soon. And with Last Chance To Dance they finish off this album. And a band that passionate will continue the chosen path - no matter if they make it big or not.
At the moment the album is only available in New Zealand, Australia and the US, but it's planned to release it in Europe later on. It seems a smart move to concentrate on the US market first and then focus on Europe, coz millions of US teens are Christians and the hardcore scene is big. Good luck!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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