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On disc: Savage Messiah

Insurrection Rising - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Insurrection Rising

Insurrection Rising
(Candlelight Rec. - 2009)

The London-based thrashers Savage Messiah started in 2007 after Headless Cross had to go through some line-up changes. Their debut EP Spitting Venom caught the attention of many fans and critics. Now they offer their first full-length Insurrection Rising through Candlelight Records.
The band of singer and guitarist Dave Silver kicks off with the title track and shows that even if their roots are in 80's thrash metal they could make it sound fresh and modern without betraying their influences. The guitar work is outstanding and Silver's vocals have a touch of Dave Mustaine... The long instrumental part at Corruption X shows their technical skills and how well Silver and his mate Sy Taplin harmonize in their guitar play. With track #3 In Absence Of Liberty the foursome shows another facet of their sound - heavy mid-paced parts with a catchy hook. At The Serpent Tongue Of Divinity they add some growls, but also screams and US metal elements. Cool! At Silent Empire they surprise the listener with a slow, melodic opening, but then they storm off! With He Who Laughs Last they close the album, again they show their strong guitar play and melodic riffing. A decent album which some might said lacks originality... But hell, it's well played and it's fun to listen!
I'm pretty sure that soon we will hear more from this thrash outfit - and that they will hit the road. Fans of Megadeth, Death Angel, Havok, Thrash M and Testament should check them out!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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