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On disc: Savage Circus

Live In Atlanta (DVD) - Philip Thelen -  
Of Doom And Death - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars
Of Doom And Death - Umberto Mino - 7 stars

Of Doom And Death

Of Doom And Death
(Dockyard 2 - 2009)

Savage Circus got a lot of attention when their debut was released, mainly coz ex-Blind Guardian drummer Thomen Stauch was part of the band. Now 4 years and they present their 2nd studio album. Thomen Stauch is no longer part of Savage Circus and Mike Terrana took over. At Dreamland Manor Savage Circus sounded much like old Blind Guardian - and that hasn't changed. It's not just the songs, it's also singer Jens Carlsson who is sounding like Hansi Kürsch... But also guitarists Emil Norberg and Piet Sielck follow the path Blind Guardian guitarists André Olbricht and Magnus Siepen pursued in the mid-90's. At Ballad Of Susan it seems they tried to honor Queen in their - or Blind Guardian's - way... Sorry, but this don't get me at all. And that's for me the main criticism, they are Blind Guardian clones. Even if the songs are well performed and the production of the album is very good, this could be some leftovers from Imaginations From The Other Side - just re-recorded by the Swedish-German outfit. For fans of Blind Guardian who still love the early / mid-90's release, this is interesting. But I don't think that skilled musicians should be satisfied with being copycats... Their aim should be to create something original, something new... Even if I never doubt the quality of Blind Guardian, I never been a huge fan of them and so I'm not thrilled by Savage Circus. Sorry, but these days tons of albums are released every month and people complain about CD prices, why the hack should they spend money on some soundalike?

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


Of Doom And Death

Of Doom And Death
(Dockyard 2 - 2009)

Ok, let's start from their last live CD / DVD Live In Atlanta, the last gig for the drummer / founder Thomen Stauch that leave the band for health problems. After a long period of silence, Savage Circus come back with Mike 'I play everywhere' Terrana on drums, Yenz Leonhardt on bass guitar and a new CD called Of Doom And Death.
With all these changes you think that also something in the sound of SC changed, right??? Wrong, the song remains the same!!!!!! Lead by the old fox Piet Sielck and his pards (ex-Persuader) Jens Carlsson (voice) and Emil Norberg (guitars) Savage Circus continue the road they took with their first album Dreamland Manor.
Some veeery small signals of progressive sound and also the presence of a ballad called Ballad Of Susan are visible, but like always the biggest part of the CD is represented by powerful songs like the title track or Chasing The Rainbow.
Like the first CD, this new one is especially for Blind Guardian lovers, for the ones who appreciate the first one, and for the ones who love power metal well played!!!!

7 stars

Umberto Mino


Live In Atlanta (DVD)

Live In Atlanta (DVD)
(Dockyard 1 - 2007)

Here it is! The first DVD of Savage Circus who just released their debut album Dreamland Manor. The band of former Blind Guardian drummer Thomen Stauch has recorded the DVD at the famous ProgPower festival in Atlanta. I have to confess that it's the first time I'm listening to Savage Circus and have to say that they sound very much like Blind Guardian - but that others have said already, I guess. It's not just the drums, it's also the vocals... Don't get me wrong, it's just a statement, no judgement. But didn't Mr. Stauch left the band, coz he wanted to do something different... But Savage Circus sound more like the old Blind Guardian.
Okay, let's talk about the DVD! They play all the songs from their debut, but in a different order. So you get the whole album in a live version plus the Japanese bonus track Ca Plane Pour Moi. Sound-wise? Well, I couldn't really hear the solos of guitarist Emil Norberg which is a pity. The solos of Piet Sielck are good and audible.
Well, it's a nice live album, but it should be allowed to ask 'Why a live DVD just 18 months after the release of the debut?' Some bonus material? Features? No, nothing beside the video clip of Evil Eyes which is also on the CD. And there is a tour report called Savage Circus At Stone Mountain.
In my opinion Savage Circus is a damn good band, but I don't think it was pretty smart to release this live DVD. If they would have recorded a show after the release of a second album and so a different set list... And some more bonus material, well then it would be a different thing. So it's your decision, if you want to spend money on this.

Philip Thelen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)

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