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On disc: Saturnus

- Martyre - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Euphonious Rec. - 2000)

The Kopenhagen-based band Saturnus is around since 1994. Matyre is their 2nd album which offers doom / gothis metal. The album opener 7 starts slowly with a choir, a kind of an intro to Inflame Thy Heart which presents growls as well as cleary spoken words. In my opinion the guitar work is not typical for this kind of music. Matyre leads you through different emotions like sadness / sorrow and romantic feelings, sometimes they are kinda groovy (Empty Handed). Like For The Loveless, a mini-album which was kinda filler between the debut Paradise Belongs To You and Matyre, the album is produced by Flemming Rasmussen who produced Metallica, Blind Guardian and others. This band will have a bright future, if they stick to their roots.
I can recommend this album to everyone who is in dark music especially to fans of Paradise Lost (Dragonian Times / Icon).
Check out track: Inflame Thy Heart, Empty Handed or A Poem (Written In Moonlight).

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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