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On disc: Satanic Warmaster

Nachzehrer - Mike Thompson - 7 stars


(Werewolf Records / Northern Heritage - 2010)

Satanic Warmaster is the Finnish one man project of Satanic Tyrant Werwolf, known since 1998 for producing hardline, raw black metal with foundations based strongly on the Norwegian scene of the early nineties.
The only other Satanic Warmaster album I've heard is 2005's Carelian Satanist Madness and that was a really enjoyable album that made no secret of the debt it owes to forerunners such as Darkthrone and Gorgoroth. Nachzehrer is the band's first full-length album since then and continues in much the same vein although perhaps with not so many highlights as the previous album.
Production is what you would expect from a raw black metal album. Dirty guitars with lots of blastbeats and tremolo picking, rasping vocals that are intelligible but occasionally you strain to hear them, drums that are perhaps a little too high in the mix. However it all seems to work and creates a great raw atmosphere.
The final song on the album is a synth piece with spoken lyrics. Its not the usual thing you would expect to hear from a band like Satanic Warmaster and overall I think it works as a calming yet still hateful outro to the album.
Satanic Warmaster is a band that does what it does very well and, although there are no real new ideas for black metal in this album I did enjoy it. After all, this isn't about pushing the limits of the genre, rather about the artist perfecting his own style within it and delivering his own message of hate, intolerance and worship of negative forces. This is another solid album from the Warmaster that will keep fans of raw black metal happy.

7 stars

Mike Thompson


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