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On disc: Satanic Syndrome

Ein Traum in Rot - Claudia Ehrhardt - 5 stars

Ein Traum in Rot

Ein Traum in Rot
(self-released - 2010)

Satanic Syndrome is a new band from Germany, it was founded in 2007 and a year later they released a 4-track demo. Ein Traum in Rot is their debut album and it's an DIY release, but they hired Alex Krull to produce the album. The artwork was done by Stefan Heilemann, he did cover artwork for e.g. Epica, Indica and Legend Of The Damned.
The opening track Lebensangst is a melodic black metal tune with a epic passage, they continue with Sphären der Dunkelheit and it dawns me that they have a kind of formula to write songs. Even if Sphären der Dunkelheit offers a longer mid-paced passage which could have been taken from some pagan metal album. Then they storm off again. Unfortunately the songs are too much alike and singer Danny's raspy vocals are one-dimensional and so can't add something to make the songs differ. At Schatten der Vergeltung they show that they can create atmospheres and Dave's keyboards as well as the guitar leads stick out. Especially the keyboard passage which leads out of the song is simply beautiful. Just a decent song. Ein Traum in Rot kicks off with slowly with guitar and the keyboard is like a counterpart to the guitar. Spoken words set in and then they storm off - and again get into their standard structures. At Waldgang the guitars vary a bit and they use speed changes, but the song has nothing memorable... At Im Mond der Nacht they try something different, vary more. This track shows that they have some good ideas, even if this isn't a killer track, it's the best on Ein Traum in Rot.
Well, it's their debut and they did it on their own, but for their next release they have to find their own sound. Some passages are well done, but soon forgotten when they return to the monotonous riffing... Somehow it feels like they play one long track... Please think out of the box next time! Take a risk!

5 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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