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On disc: Satan

- Heads Will Roll - Eamon O'Connor - 8 stars
- Court In The Act - Eamon O'Connor - 9 stars

Court In The Act

Court In The Act
(Roadrunner Records - 1983)

Well, the album debut for them - I think - on Roadrunner, what a debut too!!!!!!!! Yes, there are plenty references to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest in the solos and general song structure, however the vocals especialy the higher vocals remind me of the US metal sound and more particularly the highs on the first Virgin Steele record. Even the song Break Free reminds me a little of the Warlord tune Child Of The Damned. The album has many twists and turns and will keep your interest throughout, all over a great heavy metal album. I am sure you all have heard the cut Hunt You Down also here. Another well produced one, folks, I cannot find anything negative to say about it. It may not be the most original sounding albums, but lack of originalty does not mean it is not a classic piece and I say this should be enjoyed by all Hail Satan!!!!

9 stars

Eamon O'Connor


Heads Will Roll / Kiss Of Death (single)

Heads Will Roll / Kiss Of Death (7")
(Guardian Records - 1982)

A NWoBHM gem plain and simple. A little muddy production-wise, but still possessing all the classic elements of great NWoBHM. Simply stated, if you like acts as Holocaust, Angel Witch, etc. you will worship this quite rare and pricy - I might add - item. A very sinister atmosphere is her especially on Kiss Of Death much like another NWoBHM act Scarab had. It is just great riffy and catchy, grimy and just oozing that raw metal vibe of the time frame. Really nothing more can be said other than, if you like that genre as I do, hunt this baby down! You won't be dissapointed!

8 stars

Eamon O'Connor


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