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- The Fighting Clan - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Fighting Clan

The Fighting Clan
((Avispa - 2007)

The band is around for about 15 years now and quite successful in Spain and Latin America. In the past all their releases been in their mothers tongue and with The Fighting Clan they present their first English album - an English version of El clan de la lucha. As El clan de la lucha was released in 2004 and since then the line-up changed, so I'm not sure who's playing at this version - and I don't know the original, but it seems that the tracks been in a different order....
With some oriental sounds the intro The Fighting Clan starts off. Enlightened Angel is based on heavy guitar riffs which sound very 80's... An up-tempo tune with faster parts, but the vocal line is catchy, only the high notes during the refrain might not be everybody's taste... I can't fathom it, but during the bridge there is a short vocal part which sounds extremely familiar... The fast Ivory And White presents double-bass drum attacks, pounding bass and some great guitar work. Their fast power metal has some vocal lines which remind me of Helloween (Kiske-era), but has some progressive elements in the arrangements... With Disappointment they slow down. In the beginning only an acoustic guitar companies the vocals - here some emotions are shown. Heavy riffs and high-pitched vocals, but actually the use of the high notes takes away a lot of feeling. To be honest I prefer the mid-tempo tunes there they can show more like on A New World. With If The Sun Rose they present another balladesque one and here more emotions are transported. Here you can feel the song!
In this case it depends a lot on the vocals, if you like the voice or not. The songs are well performed, so there is nothing to complain. A bit more catchiness wouldn't do any harm, but well.. I think I would prefer the Spanish version, coz it seems to me that their singer wasn't ready for the English version. Here and there the pronunciation is more Spanish then English on similar words... But that is something they can work on and improve on future releases. Now I'm curious to hear the original version and I guess that the Spanish version would get a slightly better rating...
Check out: Inside Your Evil Heart, If The Sun Rose, Far From The Time Wheel and San Telmo 1940.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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