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On disc: Sarasin A.D.

Daggers-Lust-Disgust - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


( - 2008)

With Sarasin A.D. a band from Canada delivers an album full of 80's hard rock sounds. Singer Phil Naro some will know from 24K and his solo works, but even as the band is around for more then 2 decades, I haven't heard of them before. Anyway, the guys head right into the 80's with In America, an up-tempo rocker. The rhythm section is delivering the playground for the guitarists Greg Boileau and Johnny Rogers, but bassist Rob Grant and drummer Roger Banks are as important for the Sarasin A.D. sound as anybody else in the band. They push down the accelerator for No Sensation, but they vary in speed and deliver a fast, but catchy chorus. With The Last Word they present a heavy rocker with a dash melancholy... This one easily hooks you up and will soon haunt you! And with Keep Running you get the next ear catcher! Or you check out the semi-acoustic tune Brings Forth A Sound, which reminds me in the beginning of some acoustic tune from Cinderella... For Kiss Of Death they speed up, add some sharp, heavy riffs and some distorted vocals to their sound. But still the song is melodic and shows the heavier side of Sarasin A.D. With How Will You Be Remembered they slow down. The track is a bit dragging... and has a bluesy edge. Quite cool! You might say they go crazy when you hear Jeanie's Gone Crazy, but somehow this song is hooking you up. They don't push too far, but the tune sticks out. One of my faves is Running Circles In My Brain, coz it has a different atmosphere... is somehow more intense.... Last, but not least an acoustic ballad with a country touch and again I have to think of Cinderella.... Anyway, a great way to lead you out of the CD.
Okay, the Canadians aren't deliver anything new and so this album is just interesting for fans of the 80's hard / heavy rock. But the CD offers a variety of hard rock / heavy rock tunes and so it's quite entertaining. If you are into the 80's hard rock and look for some new food for you play, then this might be the right album for you! Check them out!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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