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On disc: Sapphire Eyes

Sapphire Eyes - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Sapphire Eyes

Sapphire Eyes
(Avenue Of Allies - 2012)

With Sapphire Eyes singer Thomas Bursell and keyboarder Niclas Olsson present their vision of keyboard-based AOR. Mr. Bursell gets a helping hand by Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn's Dream / track 1 & 6) and Mike Andersson (Cloudscape / track 8) while several guest play guitars, bass, etc on the tracks.

The opener You're My Wings reminds me a bit of Kick... But it's the lead vocals of Mikael Erlandsson which hook you up. Only Feel Love is ennobled by Sven Larsson's guitar, the melancholy edge does the song good. At This Love This Time Anette Olzon is joining Thomas Bursell on vocals and but unfortunately Anette Olzon can't stick out, her lead vocal part is too short. The rough voice of Mikael Erlandsson gives Can't Find The Words the special something, in general I would like to have the guitars more up-front, but if a keyboarder is writing and producing it's natural that the guitars don't get much space. At least at the guitar solo parts the keyboard steps back. One of my faves is Someone Like You, a song with big, 80's backings and prominent lead vocals - plus a great solo by Emil Knabe. At least for me the closer Lay Down In My Arms isn't the kind of song which make you spin it again immediately... Anyway, it's a more than decent debut from Sapphire Eyes. Let's see what they offer next time!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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