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On disc: Sanction-X

The Last Day - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

The Last Day

The Last Day
(Metal Heaven - 2009)

With Sanction-X there is a new melodic metal band from Germany on its way, but guitarist Robby Bbel - who also produced the album - is also part of Frontline and Evidence One. On The Last Day they are a bit heavier and the songs have a progressive edge. Singer Ebby Paduch has a powerful voice which reminds me a bit of Evergrey's Tom S. Englund... But also of Jørn Lande, if you can imagine a mix of them, then you have an idea how Ebby Paduch sounds.
The opener is called The Calling and shows them with a heavy groove, crunchy riffs and a catchy melody line. With When Fire Will Touch The Night they offer another mid-paced rocker, a bit catchier then the opener. A spacy keyboard leads into Demon's Dance which is forced ahead by fast drum beats. The guitar could have been a bit more up front, but here the keyboard is more prominent. The songs are mainly mid-paced and so quite similar, even if they vary a bit. They stick to the scheme instead of trying something different. Anyway, songs like Feelings Came To Me and Eternal Night are well done and fun to listen to.
The songs are mainly mid-tempo and some speed changes would have been nice... For hard rock fans they might be a bit too heavy... But with the heaviness and crunchy riffs they make Sanction-X differ from e.g. Evidence One. Singer Ebby Paduch is the strong point of the band and I can imagine that live the songs sound even better... But next time please vary a bit in speed!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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