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On disc: Samothrace

Reverence To Stone - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars

Reverence To Stone

Reverence To Stone
(20 Buck Spin Records - 2012)

After a demo and a full-length album the Seattle band Samothrace is ready with their new album. If you wonder about the name Samothrace, they are named after a Greek island where Hellenic and pre-Hellenic religious ceremonies took place in the past. But musically Samothrace is raised in Seattle, and do a grim doom metal tale from another world.

Only 2 songs are present, the 17 minute long When We Emerged, and that is actually a new version of their song from 2007. It has a slow roaring body with death and doom metal agony atmosphere of different pieces of music being put together in a new composition of guitars and voices of despair. A Horse Of Our Own (20 minutes long) is also in the same vein of their thoughts, slow guitars and a death metal inspired view from their minds. Agony voices still dominates this doomsday kind of music. The product that Samothrace is probably only something that their fans can really appreciate, others will find too special for their liking.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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