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On disc: Samorra

- Religion Of The Unbroken - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Religion Of The Unbroken

Religion Of The Unbroken
(Metaltrait - 2007)

The German band Samorra started just before the turn of the millennium and they released their first demo in 2000. A lot of live shows followed. Now the foursome presents their sophomore release Religion Of The Unbroken, a powerful, melodic modern rock album.
They are opening up with the title track, well actually with an instrumental intro, but this is the first real song. The vocals of Axel Friedrich are powerful, melodic and with his catchy refrains he'll hook you up immediately. But without the fat staccato riffs and the groove the vocals wouldn't win you. It's the combination which makes this an ear catcher! A bit more heavy then Nickelback and Staind, but they target that group, too. With Sorrow Within they add some aggression and singer Axel sounds a bit raspy... But it fits very well to the heavy, groove rocker. A dragging mid-tempo tune is Brave Men, vocals are distorted in the beginning, but when he switch's back to clean vocals. Its amazing how fat the riffing sound... There are bands with two or more guitarists who can't deliver such a wall of guitar! But surely guitarist Armin Bruckmeier profits from the rhythm laid down by bassist Alex Hilzersauer and drummer Nic Hörmann. The beginning of Where It All Begins sounds a bit like Metallica, but only the fat riffs stay when they slow down and get more alternative metal-like. With the catchy hook in the US they would make it into rock radio. On Your Holiness they get a bit thrashy while the following No Tomorrow is more rock-based. The last track Of Fading Blooms is a fast one and has a slight punk attitude, but also SoCal elements. The only thing you might miss on this CD is a ballad... But well, it doesn't matter, coz the songs are catchy and powerful. So just enjoy listening!
Actually you I can recommend you any track to check out, coz it doesn't matter which one you choose, you'll have the right one! But perhaps you want to get enchanted by Your Holiness or In Secrecy.

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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