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On disc: Salute

Heart Of The Machine - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Heart Of The Machine

Heart Of The Machine
(Escape Records - 2010)

Mikael Erlandsson is known by melodic metal / AOR fans for his releases with Last Autumn's Dream, but he also was active as a songwriter. He started Salute and in 2009 their debut Toy Soldier was released. Now Mr. Erlandsson and Salute are back with Heart Of The Machine.
With Higher they kick off and it's Erlandsson's vocals which will hook you up. But it's not just his vocals, it's the combination of Erlandsson's vocals and Martin Kronlund's guitar play. The songs revive the 80's without sounding backdated. No hard rock album without at least one ballad, with I Will Be There Salute show their balladesque side. But the real highlight is the fast rocker Tearing Me Down! It's followed by the title track which shows one more time that Martin Kronlund is an excellent but underrated guitar player. At Train Of Rock'n'Roll they add some heavy riffs and modern sounds, but it works well.
Salute offer rockers and balladesque tunes, catchy melodies and due to the raspy vocals and Kronlund's guitar play they have their own identity.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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