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On disc: Saint Deamon

Pandeamonium - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Frontiers - 2009)

Saint Deamon was founded by drummer Ronny Milianowicz to have a space for his music, he convinced bassist Nobby Norberg to join his vision and since Dionysus is disbanded this is their main focus. The twosome hooked up with singer Jan Thore Grefstad and guitarist Andreas Johansson. In 2008 they released their debut album, then toured a lot and now they present the follow up Pandeamonium. Musically there are some reminiscences to Dionysus and also Nocturnal Rites, but also some other elements. Deception is a symphonic melodic metal track with a catchy hook. The following The Only One Sane is more complex and there are some progressive elements in their sound. But again the song needs a few spins to fully shine. Not the ear catcher which starts haunting you right away. The title track shows that they can offer catchy melodies, but this one could be a bit more intense... They speed up a bit for Eyes Of The Devil, but the songs is a bit bulky and not easy to get into. Oceans Of Glory is more catchy, almost anthem-like, but also more complex. Anyway, a good track to check out, even if it isn't the most typical tune, it shows the different facets of the bands sound.
Well, the songs are well-written and performed, but I miss a real ear catcher! And the album is a bit short... Less then 40 minutes. But well...

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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