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On disc: Saidian

Evercircle - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars


(Blistering Records - 2009)

German melodic speed metal band Saidian was founded in 2004 and just a year later they released their debut For Those Who Walk The Path Forlorn - and toured with Jon Oliva's Pain. In 2006 it was time for Phoenix and now with 2 new band members and a new label they present Evercircle. Musically the quintet seems to be inspired by bands like Edguy, Stratovarius and partly Royal Hunt...
The opener Out Of The Shadows has reminiscences to Edguy and Stratovarius. Especially the vocals of Markus Engelfried are partly too close to Tobias Sammet - but I guess that fans of Edguy won't mind. After the opener they present a cover of the 80's track Tokyo. The song still has the 80's touch and it's cool to hear it again. But it also shows the five-some differently... A sing along refrain and Europe-ish keyboards. Keyboarder Markus Bohr kicks off Solomon's Dance, the keyboard sounds 80's-like... Then heavy riffs. The Sammet-like vocals are back. A track full of cliches... If there wouldn't be songs like Once In My Dreams the album would barely be average... But the ballad shows another side of Saidian - a more original sound and Mr. Engelfried also shows a different facet. But there is also something familiar in this song... A bombastic mid-paced rocker is Stroke Of Genius, but even if they reduced the speed the song follows the same old scheme. And partly the vocals annoy me, but that's just a matter of taste... At Sign In The Sky they present a fast rocker with bombastic keyboards and the songs reminds me a lot of Royal Hunt. Not too bad. The Princess way too familiar. And the closer Halos For Everyone is a treat of Edguy fans and the ones who like this kind of humor. Actually the lyrical idea is cool, but their style is just not right for me. But that's again a matter of taste!
Well, fans of Edguy and Stratovarius might find Saidian's latest piece of work interesting, but everybody who isn't into the Edguy-kinda metal should first check out the CD! In the past it was the 3rd album which was the make-it-or-break-it one... In my opinion Saidian have to find their own sound, coz there are too many releases these days to survive with an average album. Sorry guys!

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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