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On disc: Sai

- Neurotic Disorder - Felix Thelen - 7 stars

Neurotic Disorder
(self-released - 2008)

The Swedish alternative rock band Sai was founded in 2007 by Arian. But the Gothenburg-based quintet found a stable line-up just earlier this year. And this EP is their first release.
Track no. 1 - the intro- is called 1989, its just a blues song without vocals, not really important to listen. Next track In Chaos is a smooth heavy song with extravagant lyrics. I like especially the vocals, they sounds young and hopeful. It can become someday a tune wedgie!
Next one - Lunatic Moon - is a symphonic song with cool distorted vocals. Very good. But you may not hear the guitars very well, but mixture of drum'n'bass is cool.
No.4 is Shallow by Arian and sounds at the beginning like an electro project, but its a hard song. It sounds like D'espairs Ray, of course its not a cover or something, but it remembers me of the style of D'espairs Ray. My favorite song and the last one of this EP is Dawn and sounds at the beginning like a ballad, but its a perfect mixture of a heavy ballad and smooth vocals, I love it! The lyrics are imposing, I can get lost in this song.
Over and all It's a very good mini album, but I think they can do better! And they will do it better!

7 stars

Felix Thelen


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