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On disc: Sahg

- II - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Regain Records - 2008)

This is the second release of the Norwegian band Sahg, their debut was released in 2006. Musically the guys are based in doom metal, but combined with NWoBHM sounds... When I heard the first song I had to think of Angel Witch... With Ascent To Decadence they start into their sophomore work piece and show that doom metal not always have to be lava-ish sounds and riffs! Sure, the riffs are fat, but they vary the speed from dragging slowness to mid-pace parts. The vocals partly have a similarity to early Ozzy Osbourne... And it can be said that sound-wise the Norwegians are kinda close to early Black Sabbath, but don't expect copycats!
The fat, heavy riffs let also think of Black Label Society, but only due to the heaviness. My compliment to session drummer Tor Bjarne Bjellan, coz he is using unusual drum patters and adds so a different vibe to the Sahg sound. On Echoes Ring Forever they have a slightly Oriental touch. Star-Crossed starts slowly with drums and monolithic riffs. Pure doom. Then they add some groove and singer Olav Iverson lays a vocal melody on top which kinda contradicts the riffing. Towards the end a break and then they speed up a bit. Guitar riffs forcing them ahead, but it's the groove which hooks you up! And like the icing on a cake a very cool guitar solo! Further down the song Olav Iverson joins in again - and sounds different. Then an abruptly end. Acoustically they present Escape The Crimson Sun - and they still sound heavy. They put some effect on the lead vocals and create so a different atmosphere... A sad song, but touching. Pyromancer might give you a good idea of Sahg, coz it has the typical trademarks of their sound, even if this one is a bit faster then most of the other tracks. There will be a video clip for this song soon, so watch out for it! The almost balladesque Wicket Temptress is somehow catchy, but offers also heavy riffs.
Fans of bands like Trouble, Candlemass and early Black Sabbath shouldn't hesitate to buy this CD, coz you should love it! Stoner Rock fans should check them out, my recommendations are: Star-Crossed, Ascent To Decadence and Pyromancer.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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