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On disc: Safemode

For A Better Tomorrow - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

For A Better Tomorrow

For A Better Tomorrow
(Liljegren Records - 2011)

Safemode is a new band from Sweden, they label their music as screamo - but one will find other elements in their songs too. One name in the line-up sounded familiar, singer Tjet Pipars is also a member of Bob K where he play guitar and sings. Looks like this guy has a wide spectrum, coz Bob K is totally different. Btw, Bob K's new album Fragile will be released the same day as Safemode.
Anyway, they kick off with In Reverse, a riff-based tune with a catchy refrain, harsh clean vocals, growls and screams. For As We Fall, We Will Rise Again they speed up a bit, the chorus is very catchy and the memorable vocal line will haunt you. On the other hand it's a sonic roller coaster ride. Charitable Deeds surprises with a choir, it's the highlight of For A Better Future. While Guide Me Right has its moments, the other tracks can't keep the level of the first tracks. Don't Take It To The Heart starts slowly, almost alternative metal-like - and even when they speed up it has a dash of alternative - til they add growls. They crossing borders, but I doubt they make friends that way... More alternative metal elements you'll find at Hide Behind Words, but also heavy riffs and growls. It's a walk on the razor's edge. The closer is a piano-based ballad called There Is Hope. Well, this make me think of Evanescence somehow... Again they seem to flirt with alternative metal, but fans of the heavy Safemode sound, won't appreciate it.
Well, the last couple of years way too many bands tried to make it with similar screamo / metalcore stuff, but most disappeared sooner or later. Safemode have the potential, but I think they need more time to develop their own identity. At the moment the songs are too much alike (structures) and when they try to do something different, to combine different elements they don't manage too well. But I think they just need time to grow. Perhaps they should just consider which way to go...

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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