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On disc: Sad Dolls

Happy Deathly - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars

Killing Sorrow

Happy Deathly
(Lunatic Asylum Records - 2011)

After releasing their debut album About Darkness the hopes were going through the roof in anticipation for their new release Happy Deathly that is finally on the way to the masses. Some say that Greeks are rather special, and this band really pinpoints the description. Apart from the bonus track Watch Me Crawl Behind which is taken from their debut CD, it is new and fresh songs overpowering with ambitions to conquer the gothic scene as their music is lethal bullets of vampire metal of the best quality all the way through. A vocal line of distinguished arrogance works and possesses the listener so that you can not be safe from the dark attack Sad Dolls are creating. Happy Deathly is so full of positive vampire bites that you want to be smitten by them. The song Killing Sorrow gets to the case immediately with tempo-loaded and hard metal rock and totally balanced as though Bryan Ferry was behind the microphone. Bloodred offers hard pressure and melodic head banging gothic metal so ultimate and breathtaking that you wants more of this bloody nail biting music. Be Darkness adds wonderful keyboard as background set up for the melodic and dark metal they also explore on this album. Why not put some symphonic dark metal into the fray while you are at it, Criminal Of Love is the sublime gothic sounds that proofs they are serious about what they are doing. The Drug gets the massive powerful guitar in a more traditional heavy metal way, great stuff. Psychedelic Love is bombastic rock with crisp and fresh gothic genius metal. Dying On The Dancefloor, it is pop and metal but with the vampire bite that gets another shout here. Coma Song gives another dimension of their metal music universe, a nice slow ballad but full of structured and creative songwriting. As mentioned they have Watch Me Crawl Behind is a bonus track that already appeared on their album About Darkness from 2009, it's included as a natural show stopper with a circle-finishing drum section behind the power metal guitars that really marks the success that they will get with this new album.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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