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On disc: Sacred Oath

World On Fire - Umberto Mino - 9 stars

World On Fire

World On Fire
(Angel Thorne Music - 2010)

After their brilliant self-titled album in 2009, Sacred Oath are back with this new World On Fire and this time the result is not brilliant but excellent, a perfect mixture of metal, melodies, epic, progressive and all the elements that makes this music so huge and cool!!! Personally I didn't think that this time Sacred Oath can do better, but I am positively impressed by the power of this new album tyhat starts with Sweet Agony a powerful track with some Maiden style lead breaks, and the follower Sacred Oath is simply catchy in its chorus. In fact this is the first single, a huge choice, a nice song!!! The King Must Die is an epic crusade, a song built for the true metallians, Sandrider is simply awesome from the beginning, a melodic guitar intro that will lead us in a magic song where Rob Thorne and his pals make all their best!!! Front Line is maybe the heaviest song of this album, with his furious giutar riffs and the vocal performance with high pitches.... I love this song!!!! Face Of Evil is a killer mid-tempo, Drums Of War is simply a declaration of war, a killer mid-tempo tune that reminds to all of you something of Jag Panzer, and this is very cool because means that the voice of Rob Thorne can compete with the Tyrant at this song!!!! Revolution is an anthem in pure US metal style, and in When The War Is Over Rob Thorne will touch every heart with his dramatic vocal performance, a song that in my opinion is simply perfect!!! With On Death Row Sacred Oath are pressin the accelerator pedal, and also this song can be considered another masterpiece!!!! This album is closed by the title track World On Fire, another awesome chapter of this CD that has in one song all the positive elements of this band: good songwriting, excellent perfomance and tons and tons of class!!!
For me one best albums of this 2010, and another 'buy or die' album!!!!!

9 stars

Umberto Mino


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