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On disc: Sacred Heart

The Vision - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

The Vision

The Vision
(Pure Underground Records - 2012)

Byron Nemeth is the man behind the band Sacred Heart, and with vocalist Keith Van Tassel the band has a very good singer who is able to give the album a style of vocal dominance to fill extra strength to the songs. Their hard rock songs is generally better than the pop and techno rock songs, but it is a solid mix of styles on the new album The Vision.

New Order is a mystic and soft song which gets more and more metal style as it progress, just to make it all better. The title song The Vision is very dominated by Van Tassel's power voice and the guitars gets a good flow and presses the kettle to boil heavily. Take Hold is one of the techno pop songs with a hard tempo, but still in the style of melodic pop. Selfish is filled with keyboards in a mix of pop and hard rock, but the creative line of the songwriting could have been more sharp. Dreamcatcher has a hard rock skeleton where the guitars from Nemeth proofs what a great and clever songwriter he is. A good album of 10 songs, but maybe Sacred Heart shouldn't go from one direction to another on the same album.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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