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On disc: Sabotage

Behind The Lines - Umberto Mino - 9 stars

Behind The Lines

Behind The Lines
(MyGraveyard Productions - 2009)

Originally released in 1986 only on vinyl.... After a long time, finally a masterpiece of Italian heavy metal is on optical disk!!!!! Someone can think that a re-mastering of this album was enough to pass it on CD format....... WRONG!!! The original master sounds so bad, because long time ago here in Italy there wasn't sound-engineers good enough.... But anyway Sabotage re-record the songs with a better sound for you people, and we must say thank you to them, My Graveyard Productions and a Stefano Ricetti for the Sabotage reunion!
For the most of you the name Sabotage reminds you of a Black Sabbath album, but the sound of this CD isn't inspired only by Sabbath, but from the bands of the early '80s like Saxon, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept and many more!!!!!! But let's start with the songs: Victims Of The World is the first track on this CD.... Sweet guitar intro and BOOM! Morby's voice and Andy Fois's guitar start to fire the guns!!!! Ridin' Through The Dark is possible to describe in one word: KILLER!!!! The best 80's metal in one track, sometimes you can recognize in the guitar riff the fury of Savage Grace... For me it is not a fault, but the opposite... Mothers is for me he best song that Sabotage has written: powerful, dynamic, catchy, epic...... Warmachine and Fight For Your Music are two songs (especially Fight) that Saxon were proud to have on an 80's album!!!!!! Nightkiller is another fast track (note: fast doesn't mean only Slayer or black metal, fast is also for songs like Fast As A Shark or Motorcycle Man) that makes me headbang over and over again....... Heroes Of The Grave and Promised Land close this legendary CD on a high level. The bonus track is Dawn Of Fire, this song wasn't at the original vinyl version and now we can hear this small jewel of Italian Heavy Metal !!!!!!!
In conclusion the valuation for this CD..... If I listen to my heart, I must give a 10 stars, but I listen to my head and ears and I give a 9! Please support Italian metal !!!!!

9 stars

Umberto Mino


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