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On disc: Main Line Riders

Worldshaker - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Retroactive Records - 2009)

I haven't heard of Main Line Riders before, but learnt that they had their debut released in 2007. Now they present the follow-up called Worldshaker. The cover indicates that it's a hard rock album, so let's see who they sound!
The American quintet sounds a lot like the early AC/DC... Like at TNT times. The opener is called It All Ends Tonight and is based in fat riffing. Singer Shawn Edward Browning even sounds like the legendary AC/DC frontman Bon Scott. And the opening track shows the direction, so fans of old AC/DC, Airborne and Rose Tattoo can pick any track to check out Main Line Riders, but actually it ain't necessary. With Hell Ain't A Good Place To Be they give more then just a hint about their influences. And the vocals get even more Bon Scott-like! With Comin' Home the fivesome present a bluesy rock ballad, something for the heart. Back to rock with Broken Hearted! Another riff-based rocker with a dash of boogie and gang shouts. One of my favorites is the slow, sleazy Chrome & Steel, perhaps because it different... Not that close to the Young brothers... I would like to hear more songs like this one! Drums and heavy riffs dominate We Are The Ready Ones, but surprises with a catchy hook. A party rocker. The closer It's A Revolution is a bit heavier... And not a musical revolution, they stick to their roots - but as long as it's fun... And this album is fun! This is the perfect sound track for a party! Biker, rockers and metalheads, you will have a good time with Worldshaker! Let the Main Line Riders shake your world!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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