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On stage: Heaven & Hell

- Bang-Your-Head - June 2007 - Balingen (D) -
- Heaven & Hell, Axel Rudi Pell + Tim 'Ripper' Owens - June 2009 - Karlsruhe (D) -

- Heaven & Hell, Axel Rudi Pell + Tim 'Ripper' Owens -
- June 14th 2009 - Karlsruhe (D), Europahalle -

Tim 'Ripper' Owens live in Karlsruhe

Tim 'Ripper' Owens: Chris Caffery live in Karlsruhe

Axel Rudi Pell & Johnny Gioeli live in Karlsruhe

Heaven & Hell: Ronnie James Dio live in Karlsruhe

Heaven & Hell: Tony Iommi live in Karlsruhe

Heaven & Hell: Ronnie James Dio live in Karlsruhe

Heaven & Hell have a new album and are back on the road. In Germany Axel Rudi Pell was announced as their support, but as a surprise for most 4 shows were opened up by Tim 'Ripper' Owens and his band. For me a good reason to go and see the package in Karlsruhe!
Unfortunately show start was announced for 8 PM, but Tim 'Ripper' Owens and his mates entered the stage at 7:15 PM. Most metal fans know Tim 'Ripper' Owens for his time in Judas Priest and Iced Earth, but now he's out to promote his first solo album Play My Game. For his first shows in Europe he gathered some friends to play with him - Simon Wright on drums, former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and guitarists John Comprix and Chris Caffery. During their 30 min. stage time Tim & co. presented a mix of new songs and songs from his Judas Priest days like The Ripper, One On One and The Green Manalishi. A good decision, coz these songs the fans know. But they also played Scream Machine (Beyond Fear) and Starting Over off Play My Game. It was obvious that the guys enjoyed being on stage, even if most didn't know they are playing - and some were even wondering what band was playing. Personally I would have loved to hear more songs from Play My Game, but it was a good move to play some Judas Priest songs and so make it easier for the fans to get into them. I hope that they can come back and then have a more stage time, so that they can play more songs of Tim's solo debut.
Punctual at 8 PM Axel Rudi Pell and his band entered the stage and kicked off with Tear Down The Walls. The blonde guitarist presented a kind of best-of set. Drummer Mike Terrana and bassist Volker delivered the basis for the hard rock / melodic metal tunes. Singer Johnny Gioeli is an outstanding singer and did an excellent job. Songs like The Masquerade Ball, Strong As A Rock, Rock The Nation and Mystica were welcomed by the fans, but I missed a bit enthusiasm - especially compared with Tim Owens and his band.
After a long change over the intro E5150 announced the start of the Heaven & Hell show. The stage was dominated by 2 large gargoyles, a big screen and a lot chains and crosses. With the Black Sabbath classic The Mob Rules they began. For many fans the Dio-era was the best time of Black Sabbath and as they have to act under the moniker Heaven & Hell they concentrated on songs from the Dio-era spiced up with some songs of their new album The Devil You Know. Heaven & Hell have a certain magic which is created by guitarist Tony Iommi and singer Ronnie James Dio. It's the combination of these extraordinary musicians which make classics like Children Of The Sea, I, Falling Of The Edge Of The World and Heaven And Hell special. But the new songs Bible Black and Fear fitted well into the set. At Time Machine drummer Vinny Appice got a chance to shine with a solo. After Follow The Tears Mr. Iommi kicked off Die Young with a guitar solo. During the last song of the set Heaven And Hell he played another solo and after this classic they left stage. Just to return for a few notes of Country Girl and a great version of Neon Knights. A band like Heaven & Hell don't need visual effects and pyros, but they used everything to support the songs - and never overdo it and draw attention away from the music!
Too soon it was over, but hell the oldsters still know how to rock! And I really hope that they will come back!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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